Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow on 4th December 1866 from a well-to-do family. This was a period of economic and cultural prosperity. He is considered the founder of abstract painting, and although he spent most of life in Germany and France, he always retained strong emotional ties to his homeland and its culture.

In the 1920s and early 1930, Kandinsky taught at the renewed German school of art and design known as the Bauhaus. After the closing of the Bauhaus by the Nazis in 1933, he left Germany for Paris. In the years between the wars, Kandinsky's work became more geometric. Yet Kandinsky continued to seek the final significance of his painting in the musical and emotional qualities that he ascribed to colour… "Colour is the medium by which one can affect the soul directly. The soul is a piano with many strings, and the artist is the hand that, by striking one particular key, causes the human soul to vibrate".

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Wassily Kandinsky painted this picture at the middle of his life in 1908, using oil on cardboard Private collection in Germany. It is a landscape picture of "Obermarkt with Mountains". It is a painting of the small Bavarian village. Kandinsky brings out the world around him by the use of harmonic colours.

All the colours vary from light yellows to dark blues. The uses of pale, yet luminous colours confer an air of melancholy on the scene, which is treated with the sharp contrast of light and shade. All the colours are very effective in bringing out the depth of the painting.

Kandinsky has a very unique painting technique, which changes with the sort of painting, which he is doing. For this particular painting he uses thick brush strokes, which follow in the direction of the section that he is doing. This is effective because there is more shape and form rather than detail.

Overall I feel his paintings are heavily influenced by colour…. "Colour provokes a psychic vibration. C…


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