Julius Ceaser

Gaius Julius Caesar was born on the 13th day of the month Quintilis, July in modern calendars, in the year 100 BC.His name was the same as his father’s, with Gaius being his given name, and Julius being his surname. Caesar was the name for one branch of the Julian family, and originally meant “hairy.”His family was not extremely wealthy, however they lived in relative comfort.Regardless of his background, he was well connected and did some important work for the government in his youth.When he was only 20 years old he was honored for bravery at the siege of Mytilene. A short time after that he left to study in Rhodes, but was captured and incarcerated by pirates on his way there.His family paid a ransom for his release. Caesar returned with a small private army to execute the pirates who had apprehended him. He never finished his studies due to the war with Mithradates VI of Pontis in 74 BC
Caesar was a man of great strength and strong beliefs.At one point in time, Sulla told Caesar that he had to divorce his wife as a symbolic act of his loyalty to the new regime. Caesar told him no, and Sulla was so impressed by this act that he pardoned Caesar instead of exiling him. Cesar’s strength gained him some small political offices in his early years.It was in 59 BC that he became a Roman Consul, and made the alliance with Pompey and Crassus that is known as the “First Triumvirate.” This alliance was extremely important in the history of Rome and its empire.
Caesar’s rise to power came in three main areas, politics, religion, and the military. He gained the power in politics and religion from a very early age.He became active in both, and eventually became the central figure in religion and politics. His rise to power in the military came shortly after the death of Crassus.This left only Pompey and Caesar fighting for whom was in charge of the Triumvirate. Caesar marched his army down to southern Italy…


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