I came on this art trip last semester in October at that time

in my life I was going through an extremely hard point in my life.

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I had made some choices that affected me in an awful way, it was

destroying every one I loved and cared about. Most importantly it

was destroying my soul, and the sprit inside of me. However I

pulled my self out of the hole I had dug for myself and with the

help of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's out stretched hands.

Now here I am in the 2nd semester with one of the biggest questions

knocking at the door of the rest of my life. Should I or should I

not get married? So here I am again at the cross roads in my short

life span again.

For many people on this trip the come to look at art. However

for me, I do not come here to look at art I come here to feel the

art. For my entire childhood, I grow up with art! My grandfather

is a tremendous artist. Painting large brush stokes full of oil

paint, every stoke told a story. Oh and the smell of drying oil

paints on a warm summer day is a smell one can never forget. His

mind knowing the which of the brilliant colors to mix, and leading

his hands as his wrist would swoosh and slide across the canvas

leaving behind them the sign not only that he had been there but

also that God had a say in this magnificent mind that lead the

gifted hands across the canvas. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

what glorious names, and isn't amazing to think that they created

every single microseism that creates a single petal, that

transforms into an exquisite flower, which is held up by a stem,

which is secured by roots that stand firmly in the earth, and it

is those roots that allow the flower to grow and bloom. God him

self created that, such a simple figure and yet in lives across

the world and for centuries before and after us have experienced

this …


I'm Sandulf

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