Since 1968 America has been better enlightened than
previously concerning current events and happenings around
the world.A considerable factor for this occurrence is the
television program 60 Minuteswhich debuted on the air in
September of 1968.Many other television newsmagazines have
been produced since its creation, however none have
possessed the longevity nor the influence of 60 Minutes.In
fact, 60 Minutes, which is owned by CBS News, was thefirst
regular network news program to cover actual stories as
opposed to topics.Today, similar newsmagazines can be seen
every night of the week on various stations, all of which
were sparked by the inception of 60 Minutes.All of the
tabloid television programs being shown today are also a
result of 60 Minutesand its bold, gutsy, “gotcha” style of
television journalism.60 Minuteschanged the way that the
American public receives its television news, stemming forth
a whole new format of television broadcast journalism.
60 Minutes has a vast history of stories covered, yet
the format has remained unchanged.Don Hewett, creator and
producer of 60 Minutes, has been the subject of much
criticism for his stubbornness.Since its origin, 60
Minuteshas continued to adhere to the same formula that
made it such a success.The hidden-camera interviews, the
surprising of unsuspecting alleged crooks with a bombardment
of questions, the longevity of the featured reporters, all
of these are what made 60 Minutesa success–finishing in
the top 10 Nielson ratings for 17 consecutive seasons and
counting.Other than the fact that it changed from black-
and-white to color with the new technology, the appearance
of 60 Minuteshas remained consistent.There is no reason
to change a thing about such a prosperous show according to
Hewitt.Not only has the format remained constant but the
reporters have as well. …


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