Jonny depp

Recently I was fortunate enough to see the new Johnny Depp movie "Secret Window".It was inspired by the Stephen King suspense novel, "Secret Window, Secret Garden". It was about a man who was accused of plagiarism on his novel and comes to realize that his past has some unfinished business to take care of.It is a struggle between a man and his conscience and it is interesting to see how he drives himself mad after a life alternating incident takes place.I found the plot pretty interesting but felt it lacked in depth and didn't live up to its expectations.I found the movie very predictable at times and caught myself predicting the ending early in the film.The only thing that I felt held that movie together was the performance by Johnny Depp.Most of the movie consisted of Johnny Depp's character alone in his house with limited conversation and action.I don't think I would have been able to stay interested in the movie if it was someone else playing that role.Depp does a brilliant job portraying a man struggling between identities and fighting his own conscience as he slowing goes insane.John Turturro also delivers a fascinating performance as he plays the evil identity of Depp's character.He has a certain sinister look to him which worked very well for the role he was playing.The movie was supposed to take place in a little American town in the middle of nowhere.Most of the movie took place in an old wooden house, on a lake, surrounded by wilderness and not another house in sight.This worked well to give the setting an eerie feel that builds a lot of the movies' suspense.Overall I would give the movie two out of four stars based on its predictability.I would have given even less if not for the performances which kept this movie in line.


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