From the readings in this class there was one sentence that I thought could be compared to a work of art."The past is never there waiting to be discovered, to be recognized for exactly what it is.".I believe this has a correlation with the Cave painting in Lascaux, France.The Cavemen made these paintings hidden deeply in caves far away from where anyone else could see them.These hidden paintings that were found in the 1940's will always be a mystery.What were their thoughts and reasoning behind the paintings?
Back in September 1940, sixty years ago, four teenagers traveling the hills of Perigord, in search of a passageway of local folklore, stumbled across an entrance to a cave.The entrance had been sealed for around 15,000 years.Simon Coencas, Georges Agnel, Marcel Ravidat, Jacques Marsal, found the hidden cave art of the past.The boys did not have equipment to search the caves so they decided to return the next day. Returning with equipment they explored the cave.Prehistoric paintings of deer, bison, and other animals covered the walls.The news of Lascaux traveled fast and the cave was accessible to the public. People came from all over the world to see the cave. The heavy traffic of visitors and change of atmosphere caused the colors and details of the art to fade and almost disappear. The once perfectly preserved, highly detailed prehistoric mural paintings could have been ruined by the large numbers of people going through the cave. In 1963, the cave was closed from public viewing. Only scientists could go into the cavesof Lascaux.Nowadays the cave has been returned to its initial state before discovery.It is now watched from a remote location by the Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques.They record the slightest difference in hygrometry, temperature, and carbon dioxide gas.
The cave paintings of Lascaux were discoved in the mid 1900s in France.These


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