Jerzy Grotwski

Jerzy Marian Grotowski was brought into the world on august 11th 1931 in Rzeszow, Poland, to his father, a forest ranger, and his mother, who was a teacher. Grotowski studied at Krakow's Theatre school, from 1951 to 1955, while simultaneously studying eastern philosophy. He also investigated the styling of Russia's directional masterminds, and believed Konstantin Stanislavsky to be of the utmost importance.
In 1956, Jerzy enrolled in the directing program at Karkow's Theatre school. His extra-curricular activities included an anti-Stalinist youth movement. He also chose Mahatma Gandhi as his new role model. Later on, he became an instructor at the school, from 1957 through 1959. During which period he produced several theatre and art philosophical oriented articles.His professional directing debut was the co staging of Eugene Ionesco's The Chairs in 1957. Grotowski's master's degree project was an unconventional staging (including masks) of The woman is a devil also in 1957. This was the 1st Grotowski production to radically adapt a drama to suit his own purposes- in this case to make a statement about the younger generations investigation for a meaning of existence, by rearranging the text and interpolating material from others. He believed, controversially, that a script should be a stimulus for the creation of an independent work of theatre art.
Grotowski then, perhaps, made his most influential move ever. In 1959, he joined the Laboratory Theatre, the year it was founded. This was a fiercely dedicated acting ensemble, sought to cut through the strong bonds of the polite literary tradition, to rediscover human drives and conflicts. The actors in the Laboratory theatre undergo grueling exercises to breakdown the layers of superficial technique and repressions. Every production is considered an original entity and calls for its own playing area and actor audience relationship: the rectangular ha…


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