Jazz Dance: a dancer, choreogr

Jazz dance has become a very popular style of dance.However, just what sets jazz dance apart from the other styles of dance?Some would say that it is the "syncopation" element of jazz dance.How there are quick changes often.It is not boring and predictable.Others would say it is the immense degree of individual expression.This form of dance encourages everyone to develop their own moves and not to be copycats.Or maybe it is the connection a jazz dancer has with the music.It is difficult to lay your finger on just one definition.More than likely, there is a harmonious balance between all these elements that sets jazz dance apart from other styles.
To further explore this field of dance, we will look at three aspects of jazz dance- a dancer, a choreographer, and jazz dance at conventions.Dancer Frank Grammer followed his passion for jazz dance and shared his passion with other teen boys, choreographer Darrin gives a glimpse into his moves, and jazz is the favorite style at conventions.These are just a few elements helping the advancement of jazz dance.
Frank Grammer was an ordinary boy with a passion for the hip-hop style of jazz dance.When he was fifteen he moved from Hawaii to the tiny town of Yelm, WA.There he found few other male dancers like himself.He was quite surprised at the negative stigmata around being a male dancer.Here dancing was considered a girl's activity, a domain not to be entered by boys.Grammer faced this opposition and began his quest to build an all male hip-hop class.
Through much determination he showed off his style at school dances where he began to spark an interest among other boys in the community.Eventually his style became the hottest thing around and he now has a twenty-six male member hip-hop class meeting regularly.He has even inspired other guys to try out for the (formerly all girl)

jazz line at school.He has been instrumental in …

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