Janis Joplin’s Porsche

Janis Lyn Joplin was born on January 19, 1943 and died in October 1970.She climbed to the peak of her success during the 60;s, a time of chaos, revolution and excitement.It was a turbulent an colorful period of social change in the country, where America was ripped between those who died for war and those who carved for peace. An era of baby boomers, drugs and rebellions, young adults fought for their beliefs and views to be heard in the society.They expressed themselves through rallies, uprisings and music.Janis Joplin expressed her opinions through her music and her 1965 Porsche that Dave Richards painted for her.Her car represented symbols that both defined her as an individual and the period in which she lived in.
When looking at the car, one is mesmerized be the bright colors and the great details that can be seen.Dave Richards used vivid colors like yellow, orange, pink and turquoise.The car;s hood has varieties of butterflies and small blue flowers (might be Forget-Me-Nots flowers).
In the middle front, there are two faces, one looking to the right and the other to the left.In the middle of the two faces, there is an eye looking straight ahead.It is a gods-eye symbol that the band has identified with.On the right side of the front of the car, there is an image that;s very hard to make out.It might be a woman;s body with veins running through it or thin rivers of blood.On the front left fender there is a Big Brother portrait.On the left side of the car, there are little brown shapes.The impression that some may get is that it is a wall.On the same side of the car, there are drawings of mushrooms.In addition, there;s a drawing of people in love.On the back, there;s a U.S flag with stains of red paint on it as well as two faces united with a rainbow.Richards also painted a sun face with the Capricorn symbol on it and a letter J.On the right side of the car, t…


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