Jack Welch’s autobiography cri

What do you feel if you were the leader of 300,000 employees? How would you keep a giant company to be competitive and prosperous?Here comes Jack Welch, the ?;greatest manager of 20th Century?.
I picked up Jack?s autobiography largely because of his accomplishment in G.E. I liked the book even by looking at the cover — His smile with confidence and achievement. Rather than a common autobiography as showing personal affairs or some kind of vague leadership, this book illustrates management skills that can be really learned and mastered. I?m very glad about my choice, no other book could give me business experience like this much and real.
Welch begins this book by talking about his youth. His characteristic is fully influenced by his Mom. His mom gives him confidence which servers his whole life. Examples were helping help conquering his stuttering, and have his stories reported on newspapers. After his youth stories, he then moves quickly into his college experience,first at University of Massachusetts, and later at University of Illinois. Graduated at Illinois with his PhD Degree, he got married to hisfirst wife, Carolyn. After that, he started looking for a job and then being a G.E. engineer. At the beginning in G.E., he didn?t enjoy his work much because of the bureaucracy. A disagreement on a raise of salary almost leads him leave the company. After been cared by an executive, he started his success. His ability wasfirst proven by his prosperous plastic business. After that, he quickly moved up, got several promotions in a short time, and eventually achieved his goal to be the CEO.
During his time as the CEO, he eliminated much bureaucracy by cutting many jobs off and reducing the 12 wasteful layers to 6. In 1980s and 1990s, he had many achievements. He eliminated some business that with little future, made many new profitable businesses. The efforts of acquire RCA, NBC, and later the success of G.E….


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