Intro to Fashion

The scene on the Paris runway has been transformed by floral prints with light and airy dresses.Milan's Spring Summer showings concentrate more on detail than on shape and offered colorful styles.Paris's runway exhibit for the Spring and Summer of 2005 included the major designers starting with John Galliano's combination of politics and fashion.Christian Dior focused on femininity, colors and fun.Sex symbol designers such as D&G, Cavalli, and Fendi have been taming their look by cutting out sex appeal and incorporating a less liberal attitude.Prada was inspired by Africa and Rastafarians and portrayed a more youthful expression.Versace also tamed her look from minis to knee length chiffon skirts along with corset tops.Jean Paul Gautier introduced a "don't tell me what to do" attitude by incorporating Flamenco styles with Bohemian flair as his models walked the runway smoking thin cigars.
Gautier and Prada are the designers that made an impression on me because they used unique methods of representing their fragments. However, Galliano introduced a more political stance by his Janis Joplin inspired cotton tops and John Lennon's "Imagine" playing in the background. Galliano's political fashion presentation was not to my taste because politics and fashion have no relation. Versace and D&G traded in their plunging necklines and sexy appeal from a more conservative feminine look. However, Versace and D&G are very well known for their sex appeal and this came as a drastic change. While Paris has introduced a floral and feminine motif, Prada and Gautier seem to do the best in portraying a youthful and sexy look.


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