Ornamental body alteration, tattooing and skin piercing has played a
various human cultural traditions since antiquity.In the United States,
has become another means of self-expression, and as often as not, teenage
Some of the more popular anatomical piercings include the navel, septum, as
the cartilage (rather than the lobe) of the ear.
Any piercing of the skin carries the risk of infection and subsequent
complications, but perforation of oral tissues and the installation of
ornamentation poses more serious consequences than other types of
alterations elsewhere on the body, despite the fact that oral trauma tend
than damage to the epidermis.(1) Tongue piercings are particularly
a medical perspective, owing to the structural complexity and functional
tongue in comparison to other popular piercing sites.Despite its
healing properties from its very generous blood supply, healing time for
tongue is often prolonged because the tongue is almost always in motion,
from eating, talking, or merely perpetual swallowing of saliva.(2)
To some extent, the potential dangers and complications inherent in
piercing are related to the structure of the particular tissues involved,
these physiological sources of danger is the informal, entirely unregulated
which the procedures are typically performed.
Oral tissues feature some of the most intricate and concentrated
blood vessels, mucosa and nerves in the human body.The tongue especially,
muscle, interlaced with a network of nerves and four different types of
it is susceptible to several different types of injury and functional
If not for the very high tissue turnover rate of oral tissues that
or three times as fast as other types of tissues, infection rates from
perforations would likely be a much worse problem than it is, already.
abundance of blood vessels in oral tissues also contributes to quicker
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