Interpretation of picasso art

Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous Modern artists of the twentieth century.Picasso's work followed the style of Cubism.Cubism was a non-objective style of painting developed in Paris in the early twentieth century.It was characterized by reducing and fragmenting natural forms into abstract, often geometric structures usually presenting itself as a set of unconnected distinct planes.Three Women is a classical example of the Analytical Cubism style.
Three Women, created by Picasso in 1908 with oil on canvas, depicts three nudes posing for a picture.Each of the three figures are positioned to overlap each other so not to bring more focus to one over the other.The nudes presented are the center of attention; they are the dominant figures.The faces of each woman seem to take on characteristics of African art.The women appear as if there is movement going on, while at the same time it seems likely that the subjects are in an immovable position.Picasso draws your eye to the figures by painting them with bright complementary colors, causing the women to pop out, making them thefirst thing you notice.The blue background further heightens the three women as center of attention by framing them in the picture.
For this piece, a complementary color scheme was used.Using blue and orange allows the colors to contrast, because they share no common colors.When used together in a design, the colors make each other seem brighter and more intense.The background consists of a cool color, which does not over power the subject, therefore, putting more emphasis on the women depicted.The use of complementary colors allows the focal point to easily jump out in the picture.The cool colors recede while warm colors advance, grabbing your attention.
One primary look to Cubism is the use of lighting.Since the image on the canvas is fragmented into an abstract form, there are multiple light sources within the pai…


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