International 80’s Cinema

This decade did not have any important new movements, except for the British film industry which hadwhich experienced a renaissance.The British film were a blending of the old and the new. These films were done with great craftsmanship.Even the best movies of this era were only moderately successful in the box offices.British films are going form beginning to move away from being conservative.Many of their movies are beginning to have a lot of sexual orientation on them.The British working class did not like the movies that were being produced .They said that they had everything ugly in them including the kitchen sink. The three most prominent directors of great Britain during this time was James Ivory, Bill Forsyth, Stephen Frears.
The most important director of Western Europe was Spain;s Pedro Almodovar. He was not much of a story teller but more likely to put lose ends of comic together.Most of his movies consisted of sex and drugs.The French only produced a few outstanding films during this era.French director Paul Venhoeven directes both Robo Cop and total recall.
The movies of West Germany are not as harsh as the 70;s.A lot of their movies were love stories and other topics such as this nature,
The Soviet Union, Poland, and Hungary produced the overwhelming majority of noteworthy movies(509).Movies were release that had been shelved by regimes because they felt they shouldn;t be allowed to be seen .Polish movies were centered around politics, because there country was gong through many changes during this time.Not many movies were liked because they were boring.
Directors of third world countries had many problems.Therefirst problem was rare that they had the capital to make the movies.If they were able to make the movies most of their actors only spoke a regional language and the movie could only be understood by a small amount of p


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