Inspector Calls (play)

Question:”Imagine you are a director writing to an imaginary actress who plays the part of Sheila. Write how you want the actress to play Sheila.”
I am writing you this letter because I feel it will help you in your acting career to play the part of Sheila in "An Inspector Calls". I enclose notes on the play and how I feel your character should be performed.
The play itself is set in the year 1912 and the main characters are the Birling family, Arthur and Sybil the parents. Sheila and Eric, their children. The Birlings are a prosperous Edwardian family. Arthur Birling being the head of his own Company.
Also central to the play is Gerald Croft, who is set to be engaged to your character Sheila, Inspector Goole and Eva Smith, who never actually appear on stage. At the start of the play the family are celebrating your engagement to Gerald. The Inspector comes to the house with the news that Eva Smith, a young woman, has poisoned herself and died. The plot of the play is centred around this death, and the other characters' involvement in it. In your role as Sheila I want you to come across at the beginning as very lively and pleased with life. You need to talk in an excited manner with an exaggerated tone. Sheila likes to be the centre of attention and you will need to interrupt the other characters when they are talking as if only what you are saying is important. By this behaviour you need to make the audience adopt a feeling that you are not a very interesting or likeable character. Your fiancé Gerald is also happy with his life, being the son of another manufacturer, Sir George Croft. At the dinner you need to tease Gerald and be playful towards him.
"(same tone as before) Yes, that's what you say"
You are teasing Gerald about being away last summer.
When he gives the ring you are the centre of attention and you need to show you are enjoying this by your voice and body actions. You lea…


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