Influences On My Art in 2190

Artists in this century have a long and rich, and problematic heritage
on which to draw. As an artist I have been influenced byothersbeforeme
and by the world around me. The technology thathasbeenintroducedinto
art is both a problem and a challenge for artists as it changes themeaning
of what art is and could be. World events, thefourthworldwarandthe
failure of science and reason as the main toolsofmodernthought-all
these factors have influenced and inspired me in theway Ipracticeand
One of the most important revelations that have inspiredmyworkis
the non-dualistic artistic school, which has recently come intoprominence.
It is not well-known that this movement had its originshundredsofyears
ago in the early twentiethcentury.Possiblythegreatestinfluenceon
myself and many other artists has been the radical changes in thepolitical
and philosophical structures of the modern world.I referparticularlyto
the reaction to the new world order after world amalgamation.
My earliestinfluences,whichstillinspiremetoday,areold-
fashioned, even primitive artists. This did not endearmetothetechno-
wizards and virtual art simulators of our time.However,Iwasimpressed
with the early twentieth century artists like Picasso and Braque and bythe
surrealists like Max Ernst. Although their methods were byourstandards
somewhatprimitive,theirworklaidthefoundationsforour modern
These artists were thefirst to move away from artasrepresentation
and follow, intuitivelythen,afeelingthatartwasmorethanjust
decoration or social comment.Theyinstinctivelyshowedthroughtheir
work that they felt that art was a form ofthinkingandanevolutionin
human consciousness.Artists like Max Ernst are only nowbeingunderstood
in his u…


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