Industrial Revolution and Architecture

Siegfried Giedion’s book about the effects of the Industrial
Revolution upon humanity’s personal and social space, and the discipline of
architecture as a whole, is entitled Mechanization Takes Command.In his
title, Giedion suggests that human beings’ intimate surroundings were
completely permeated and transmuted by the forces of mechanization, as
generated by the mass industrialization of production and society.
Ironically, the forces of humanity created the machine.The machine
was supposed to make human life easier.But instead, human life and human
speed has become subordinate to the pace and confining discipline of the
machine-based modalities of production.In fact, Gideon believes that
because mechanization sprang entirely from the mind of man, it is more
dangerous and less easily controlled than natural forces since it reacts on
the senses and the mind of its creator in a way that natural forces do not.

The equilibrium of the human body, which requires a certain state of
nature to function at its best is instead subjected to machines;;;for
instance, workers must put on extra clothes to keep warm in offices that
are kept cool for the computer machinery present.Or, they are subjected
to the heat of the assembly line, working in the dark to produce far more
goods then they need in huge factories.
Spaces to produce grow larger and less decorated, as machines need
more room and cannot take delight in art.Spaces that human beings occupy
grow smaller as they are piled into apartments, to live in small and
enclosed cities, to serve machines, and human beings are denied the time
and leisure to produce works of beauty that are individual, to add delight
to their increasingly small surroundings.Even amenities, such as ornate
dressings’ to rooms and clothing are now purchased from mass-producing
factories, rather than made by the individual.The cumulating effe…

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