In america

The Movie: In America

The movie starts out with Sarah and Johnny Sullivan driving to the U.S.border from Canada, with their two daughters Ariel and Christy. Christy who is narrating the movie through her camcorder like a diary. The Sullivan family is trying to get into America to start their lives over after the loss of their son Frankie, who died of a malignant tumor in his brain. The only memory of Frankie that's left is what Christy has recorded on her camcorder. They drive into the U.S.past the immigration agent passing off that that they are just visiting. Driving through Time Square with these unbelievable looks on their faces, like " I cant believe were here." They finally end up to their new home in New York in this run down neighborhood, at this broken down apartment building. Filled with drug addicts, homeless people, and just covered with poverty. They walk into their new home with wood floors; pigeons flying around and just dirty as can be. Few moments they clean up the apartment and furnish it with a fresh coat of paint, and furniture found around town. The mother starts out working at an Ice Cream parlor, while Johnny is taking any audition he can try to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. While being put in a catholic school by their parents. Being the poor girls of the school they still make the best of everything. On the girlsfirst Halloween they go trick or treating in the apartment they live in a knock on every door. Not one person would open the door except for one man, a painter who lives below them who was dying of aids. In which they ended up making friends with. In the movie Susan gets pregnant again but is having trouble with the baby but doesn't want the girls to worry. If the baby stays in her longer it can cause Susan to die, and if the baby is taken out now the baby has a lesser chance of living. So the baby comes prematurely, and Johnny has no money to pay for the hospit…

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