Images of darkness

Araby, Sonny’s Blues and The Secret Sharer,
Dark images exist in our life in a Fabulous way. We see dark images in everywhere we exist. Moreover, sometimes we got their meanings and sometimes not. Actually, images of darknessreflects our actual life and feelings. For that reason, some authors got their inspirations from dark images to reflect their feelings, attitudestoward their nature of existence. Furthermore, in Araby, Sonny’s Blues and The Secret Sharer, images of darkness demonstrate the nature of existence in a chaos and unknown world.
First, Joyce uses images of darkness in Araby to reveal the setting ,internal mood of the characters and theme. First, the setting is full ofdark images to inform readers of the story. The settings where the story takes place are gloomy and cold. Moreover, darknessreveals condition and surrounding area around characters. This is illustrated by the use of dark images such as ; “” Dark dripping garden”” through the dark muddy lanes behind the house”. Furthermore , darkness reflects melancholy and obstacles in the society where the boy lives. For example, theboy states ” I lookedover at the dark house where she lived” ” gloomy rooms liberated me” .Besides, the bazaar at the end of the story is presented by images of darkness such as;” Part of the hall was in darkness” and the ” dark entrance”.
Moreover, Joyce uses dark images to support the theme of isolation and lack of knowledge in the story. For instance, through ” gazing up into the darkness ” the boy states that hesaw himself as” a creature driven and derided by vanity”. These images are employed to show the boy isgrowing up and lack of knowledge about the obstacles in life.
In addition, images of darkness is revealed thecharacter’s mind and mood in the story. For example, darkness reveals boy’s reality as a boy who sees only the external images around him. Besides, t


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