Illustrator Paper

Illustrator Paper

Tomie dePaola is a very popular children's book author that writes and illustrates his own books.Although dePaola has dozens of books written and illustrated by him, many of his books' illustrations are similar.In a sample of three of his books, Pancakes for Breakfast, Tom, and Strega Nona's Magic Lessons, his characters look very much alike and his styles are similar.However, there are some elements from each book that differs from each other.
In all three books, dePaola uses all kinds of lines, jagged, straight, thick, thin, and soft to do a couple of different things.First of all, characters in all 3 of his books are very simple.Their faces and their emotions are expressed through simple lines and shapes.Although they are not complex, you are able to see what the characters are thinking and feeling simply by looking at how dePaola composes his lines.Second, in Pancakes for Breakfast, he used bumpy lines to show slopes and hills and jagged lines to draw shapes of tree branches.In Strega Nona's Magic Lessons, dePaola used a lot of curvy lines on his characters.He did a good job of showing the characters' more full body shapes through use of curvy lines rather than straighter lines.Third, dePaola also uses his lines to create texture in Pancakes for Breakfast, but not so much in Strega Nona's Magic Lessons and Tom.For example, in Pancakes for Breakfast, he does a very good job of using criss cross lines to show how barn walls are textured, and he did a really good job of using lines to show the rough texture of hay in the barn.Lastly, in Strega Nona, dePaola uses softer lines and shadows to show depth in his illustrations.
In all three of the books examined, dePaola uses a lot of colors to engage the young reader.However, all three books had different color schemes.For example, in Strega Nona, he used a lot of mixed colors.He used different shades of…

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