Ideas of the Romantics

Romanticism in itself is a current that manifested itself in the late
1700s and quickly swept throughout Europe.One of its characteristics is
its universality: its field of manifestation was widespread and went form
painting, art, music to literature.The Romantic current generally has
some common features that can be traced across all its areas of
manifestation.I am referring here to its sources of inspiration
(generally folklore and popular art) or to the nationalistic innuendos that
the romantic works make (for example, let us consider the French Romantic
paintings, full of such themes).Some of the Romantic works, especially
the literary ones, call upon the Middle Ages as a source of inspiration, a
period that best encouraged the Romantic imagination.
However, one of the most important elements of the Romantic Movement
is the romantic character himself.A romantic character generally has
several common characteristics which make him recognizable from the every
beginning.One of these is individualism.The rise of capitalism and
mercantilism destabilized the old medieval patterns and it was most often
the case that the new bourgeois refused to fit into the old order and
“developed their own tastes in the arts and created new social and artistic
movements alien to the old aristocracy”[1].The direct effect that this
phenomenon had in art and literature was that, if before the Church and
aristocracy usually shared the same ideas and tastes, the new society
presented a numerous association of individualistic people, where any
artists or writer could find a sympathetic audience that would pay for his
work.Thus, the individualism developed in the society reflected itself in
the arts and literature as well and every artist could now create according
to his own beliefs.
Literary heroes like Faust helped create and better define the
romantic hero.We are faced here with characters …


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