Into The World There Came A Soul Called Ida was painted by Ivan Albright.The central figure is Ida. Ida is holding a mirror while sitting in a wicker chair.Ida's oval shaped face is framed by gray, wavy, chin length hair, that is parted down the middle.Id's hairstyle reveals a large forehead that has a crease which cuts across the entire width of her forehead.Ida's eyes are sunken inward, which exaggerates the crease of her eyebrows.The fleshes under Ida's eyes are puffy with layers of wrinkles.Ida's cheeks sag as if her cheeks belong on a bloodhound, The bridge of Ida's nose is divided by a fold of skin, therefore making Ida's nose appear small.Ida's lips are thin and closed tight: she has wrinkles on the corner of each side of her mouth.
Time has not just taken toll on Ida's face but also her body.Ida's dressed in a blue flimsy nightgown and a purple wrap that hangs open.The nightgown is cut low, and covers the trunk of her body, but little else.The nightgown cannot hide the rolls of her stomach or the sagginess of her breast.She sits in a worn wicker chair that has legs that are bent outward from holding her weight.Ida has corpulent and dimpled legs that look like the skin of an orange.Her feet protrude out of the top of her high-heeled shoes, and her ankles are camouflaged by the bumpiness of her legs.
There is more to Ida than simple physical descriptions, However, I believe Ida was once a wealthy lady, who lost her fortune.There is a great sadness to her, hopelessness hangs in her eyes.Her face has a despairing question of "Now what?"She sits in her chair and applies powder to herself as if she has done it a thousand times before.Ida's face does not reflect any pleasure from putting on the powder, she act as thought it is just a part of her daily routine.Ida's dresser is covered in a worn lace runner and …


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