I Hate World Music

Why does David Byrne "Hate" World music? Can you find other examples of this cultural bias in American Pop Culture?
"I hate world music. That's probably one the most perverse reason I have been asked to write about it" (Byrne 1). Those were the words of David Byrne introducing his position, feelings and attitude towards the term "world music." The above quotation not only sets the tone of Byrnes argument, but it also represents his disillusions with the term "world music.' Personally, I do not believe Byrne hates "world music"; in fact he is passionate about "world music."
Byrne is very disappointed with the way anything that is anti-western popular culture is portrayed- in this case, "world music." He believes that regardless of stereotypes everyone should have access to this kind of music. "World music" is constantly being suppressed and oppressed, it's not prolific and this limits its ability to saturate the market and maximize its true industry power. Byrne is appalled by the constant "Them and Us" categorizing and separating that the American culture has been doing with "world music." He sees this as a strategic and organized way of dismissing anything that is anti-western popular culture in style, taste and appeal. Byrne strongly and enthusiastically expressed that there are some really terrific music being made out there. However, due to the constant oppression, exploitation, and limitation that faces this kind of music only a small amount is consumed. While Ricky Martin, Shakira, Los Del Rio and Gloria Estefan has somehow made the transition, and have broken a few records, this is just a blimp on the music radar that is dominated by western popular music.
Cultural biases are also observed in other American popular culture such as movies-'Hollywood versus the world'. Producers of movies that are anti-we…


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