I am my own wife

I AM MY OWN WIFE was a great play, that involved a lot of thought and hard work.A one man play was a great idea for this story line, but it was hard to follow at times.I wonder why Doug Wright chose to use only one individual to play all of the characters in this play?Could he have used more than one person and kept the story the same?I think he could have, but as a viewer I know I would not have gotten the same effect that I did with just Jefferson Mays.His Acting was just phenomenal, he did an exceptional job.
Mays instrument defiantly had to be his voice, he changed it so often, I even got a little confused at times.He spoke strongly, and made the audience believe that he was actually several different people.Sometimes even little gesture implied that he was acting as a different character.He was also very in touch with all of his characters making it even more believable that he was actually a different person.
The overall theme was survival of Nazi Germany and Communism as a Transvestite.There were many hints that directly or indirectly pointed to this, such as the picture of Charlotte as a young boy with a lion on each side of him as if he were embracing them.The lights, the actual speaking interviews, as well as the talk show during the play all pointed to the survival of a transvestite in a hard time. I am not sure what Wrights thought behind this was but it would be interesting to find out.
One thing that I enjoyed about this play was the fact that the scene was always in the backdrop and it really did not crowd up the stage, so my thoughts were more focused on Charlotte.I tend to focus on background material which is not really that important.This was just the point that Wright was trying to get across; it was not the museum itself that was important it was the fact that Charlotte was a living museum and had a lot to share.
The use of the very tiny furniture in a box at the very begin…


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