When most people look at a work of art they are not sure what to look for. They usually look for the story or the content and miss the vital part of the work, the form. The story is the literal part of a work of art, whereas the form has to do with style or design. Another way to look at art is through the importance of feeling. Any kind of feeling one receives is carried by the form or design rather than the story. The line, shape, color, and texture, is the only way to enjoy the feeling the artist puts into the work. Although knowing that art contains both form and content for one to like art, one must be willing to look at it. The attitude of looking is very important, and takes time. In addition to, the qualifications for understanding art is more demanding intellectually and makes it harder to understand art on its various levels. Also, for any work to be significant, the artist must get his message across.
The reasons above should be used to look, enjoy, and analyze when viewing a work of art. Rather than just look at a painting and take it for what it is, it should be observed and be taken for what you can not just see with your eyes. A person should look at it and think what was the artist trying to do? What more is there to the painting then just the story? Although the shape, color, and textures of a work of art is most enjoyable, for one to truly understand a work of art one must be open-minded.
Although many problems arise when people look at art from many standpoints, one such problem is evaluating art from the standpoint of design. Design is the matter or arranging, organizing, and coordinating the plastic factors. Most people have no way of determining whether a work of art is good or not, because they have a lack of education in design. Art can be served as great communication, when it is taken seriously. Our senses help us to make full communication with the artist when he uses line, shape, color, and


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