There were many sculptors that had great talent during the Renaissance.Perhaps one of the most famous one was Donatello.Donatello made numerous sculptures out of bronze and marble.The bronze statue of David was one of his more interesting works
The bronze statue of David interests me because of its realism and attention to detail.This piece of art has many things that are impressive.First of all, David is standing on Goliath's head, which has been severed by David's sword.The size of Goliath's head clearly shows that he was a big man.David is also wearing a hat and sandals.The statue does catch a person's eye due to the brutality of the sculpture.The hat of David suggests that David is looking down.David has no sign of remorse, but wonder on his face, as he looks down at Goliath.
Donatello created this sculpture of David during the Renaissance time period.Recent sources suggest that the sculpture was done between the dates, 1430 to 1435 (Microsoft Encarta).The actual statue of David is life-size (Bertela 19).The medium of this artwork is bronze (Grassi 23).
David's form symbolizes several characteristics.This statue is definitely more realistic than it is imaginary.The emphasis of this piece of artwork is on the defeat of Goliath.David is shown in a confident vertical form with his arms on his side and his foot on the head of Goliath.His legs are in a stressed and unstressed formation.David's right leg is stressed and his left leg is unstressed or relaxed.This type of formation does suggest possible movement in the figure, which further enhances the realism."The potential energy of the figure is Donatello's and his alone, and the same may be said of the contrapposto positioning of the limbs, which are either bent or form an angle" (Grassi 23).David's head is also tilted downward to display him looking down in confidence and wonder at Go…


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