How To Decorate Shirts

Decorative shirts, you have seen them. Now not only can you own them, you can make them too. I would like to start by explaining how to decorate shirts for any occasion. This is a very nice and inexpensive way to decorate shirts, because it is made with homemade artwork. They are wonderful to keep or to give away as a gift. I think people would enjoy doing this craft and wearing their own artwork.
In the recent years I have developed the abilities to do these types of crafts and have enjoyed do them and teaching them. Wouldn't it be nice to have a decorative shirt for any occasion?
Before I go on to explain the steps involved in decorating shirts, I would like to tell you what supplies you will need. Thefirst item you will need is a t- shirt, any color will work. I have found that using a cotton t-shirt works the best. You will also need newspaper or plastic to cover your work area. Then you will need paper and scissors to cut out stencils. You will also need straight pins to hold down your stencils on the shirt. The last thing you will need is fabric spray paint, also any color.
Now lets begin with the steps to decorate your shirts. We will start by covering your work area. This is a must because you would not want to have to replace anything that could get damaged by the paint. If you are doing this indoors you should make sure you have some windows open for ventilation, due to the fume from the fabric spray paint. Then you will take the paper and scissors, and cut out your stencils. You could make hearts, squares, circles, letters, numbers and ect. After you have them cut out you will place the shirt on the work area and place some newspaper inside the shirt flatly and smooth out all the wrinkles. The reason why you want to place the newspaper inside the shirt is because you would not want the paint to seep through to the other side of the shirt. Then you will pl…

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