How to Shoe a Horse

I. Most horse shoers are referred to as fariers a farrier is a horse shoer and a blacksmith all in one. Most horse shoers are blacksmiths, because many parts of the job require a blacksmiths skills.
II. I came into shoeing horses by my grandfather. He had just hired a new farrier named Dana. When Dana showed up he didn't have any help. So my grandfather told him I would help, so I did. I was only thirteen at the time so it was pretty hard for me but I learned quickly. After we were done Dana asked me if I wanted to help him again, and soon I was doing it full time around school. Dana and ended up becoming great friends. Dana is only ten years older than me so he has always been a big brother to me, and that's how it has been for the past seven years. Now I do it off and on, I have a couple of jobs that I do on my own, and I still help Dana when I can. The job pays very well. For a trim I get paid 35 dollars for a miny to a quarter horse, and 45 for a draft horse. For four shoes on a quarter horse it costs 125, for four shoes on a draft horse it costs 150. For 4 shoes with borium it is 150, now the money is made by the time it takes, Dana and I together can shoe 10 draft horses in a day, more if we tried. that's 1500 dollars in one day. Now I have a job in Newport where I shoe 6 minis in 1.5 hours. The year before Dana got hurt he claimed 100,000 on his taxes, and the only money he claimed was the checks he got, and most people pay with cash Explain borium. But the work is the hardest I've ever experienced, and I have worked some hard jobs. These horses way around 2200 pounds and you have to hold about 500 pds between your legs putting all the stress on your back. Usaully the shorter the farrier the better, because it is less stress, on your back. Dana is only 29 years old, but when he was 27, he had major back surgery, they actually had to cut part of his vertebrae out, and his back wil


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