how to get into acting

Standing in front of the crowd, all dressed up in their costumes everything is just clicking. The crowd loves it, as the play comes to an end. You feel the energy building up in the theatre, an energy that you've never felt. The lights go out and the curtain closes, then the actors come out to bow. Sitting among the hundreds of spectators, you wonder how they got to the stage.
One of thefirst steps to get into acting is to construct an acting portfolio. An acting portfolio consists of a few very vital components: 1) Stills, pictures of the actor when he or she is acting; 2) headshots, a picture of just the actor's face; 3) a video with highlight shots from past performances; 4) a resume with a list of all the theatre work you have ever been involved with and; 5) two monologues, also on the video (?????????). The monologues should be contrasting, usually one contemporary and one classic, or one humorous and the other a serious dramatic piece. The monologues chosen should be well prepared, polished and the best example of an actor's ability (?????????).Making the right choice regarding monologues is key, they need to reflect an actor's range and be entertaining, but they don't necessarily have to be connected by theme or subject (??????????).
To obtain the things required is quite simple all you need is a camera and a video camera, or a friend who has one. For the headshots make sure you are out of costume and out of character so they can take a picture of your face, directors like to know what you look like. For the monologues, look them up on the Internet or find a playbook in the library. For the stills, have someone you trust to take a few pictures of you while you are in costume and are performing something for them. Also, have them record you with a video camera, make sure it is only your best work. The cost of all these things is just the price for the film and development, and the price of the vi…


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