How to Etch Glass (Process)

How to Etch Glass

Etching glass can be a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to perk up old boring glasses. Martha Stewart, the arts and crafts expert of the century, uses this same exact method of etching glass. This essay will lead a person through the procedure of etching glass. There are only six simple objects a person doing this project may need, there are only ten steps to follow, and five problems followed by their solutions are to be read. It is essential to have the appropriate tools and materials when etching glass.
The items that will be used are found at arts and crafts stores. The items you need are a glass, scissors, masking tape, plastic gloves, etching cream, and a paintbrush. The glass must be very clean and should not be very expensive forfirst time etchers. Etching cream is a compound that makes the surface of a glass look worn. The masking tape must be sticky enough as not to fall off of the glass while cream is setting. The procedures involved in etching glass are as simple as the items need.
Etching glass is very simple and does not take much skill to do. First clean the glass and dry it thoroughly. Then trace any design onto a piece of masking tape. Then cut the design out. Next apply the tape firmly to the glass.After putting on gloves put etching cream on a paint brush and apply the etching cream to the glass. Wait approximately 5 minutes. Rinse off cream with warm water. Remove the tape and then it is finished. One may run into a few problems though.
The problems are easy to avoid if instructions are followed carefully. Thefirst problem a person should avoid is getting cream on the skin, this will not feel to nice, long sleeves and gloves should be worn. The vapors of the etching cream are harmful; etching
glass should be done in a well-ventilated area. If one is not careful to apply the tape firmly the cream may seep under the tape and destroy the project. If the cream is not applied evenly the r…

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