How to Encourage Creative Freedom and Discovery in a Class o

For five year old children there drawings are stages of pictures that I can agree upon because five year old children in a whole draws pictures on things they like and feelings they are having.In reading the positive and negative suggestions on creative teaching," it says that to use are as an integral part of the days activity demonstrates an active and sincere interest in the things being done."This is a positive suggestion which I feel is true because making art a daily activity in a child's daily routineof the daythe child gets to express there day or get t o create objects or things they feel good about.Another positive statement was made that "children are only interested in demonstrating the reality of the mind and emotions not the reality of outward appearances."This is also a another true statement because children in a whole express there feelings through drawings compared to a four year old who draws stick figures but still shows or express his or her feelings of self-confidence.In the positive statement it says "children need a certain degree of privacy; give them a feeling of independence."In that statement when I did the work with a child assignment I did it with my nephews and they both didn't like me hovering over them.They wanted to express there favorite place in there drawings and when they where finished they felt confident to tell me about there place.
How would I encourage creative freedom and discovery in a classroom of five year olds?What I would do is encourage my class to draw or paint whatever they wanted.Then after they draw or paint I would ask my class to explain one by one what they drew and why they drew it.For example the work with a child assignment I told my nephew draw there favorite place, but anything they wanted one drew a park and the other paint he want to go pumpkin picking.When I asked them why they one who drew the park said …


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