How Geographic Differences Influenced American Artists

How Geographic Differences Influenced American Artists
Grant Wood and Fredric Remington were both American artist who painted on oil and canvas during the early part of the twentieth century. Grant Wood is best known for depicting American farmers during the 1930's.Fredric Remington is best know for painting the American West during the late ninetieth and early twentieth centuries.Their subject matters and painting techniques are vastly different.
The oil on canvas painting Parson Weems' Fable was painted by American Artist Grant Wood.Wood was an American artist who through his depiction of outdoor scenes combining a bright Fauve palette and a loose, impressionistic style.Wood painted during the early part of the twentieth century. Raised by Quaker parents his accessible, representational paintings showed reassuring American subjects tied to enduring myths about the perfection of agrarian life.Wood's paintings reflected his surroundings as a young child.
The painting looks as though you are being shown the subjects through the window by the man pulling the drapes back.The painting has abstract details such as the miniature
The various shades of bright colors show many details. The various shades of green create detail and emphasis in the painting.The gray clouds moving in on the blue-sky emphasis's the idea of the calm before the storm.The shadows of the characters in the paining add detail.The vivid colors used on Washington and his father let the viewer know their importance.The man "showing" the painting is wearing a gray jacket. The paint thickness is the same throughout the paining.The brush strokes are smooth and do not take away from the message of the painting.
The angle created by the two colors of the green grass creates a vocal point on the tree.The angle of the side of the building creates a diagonal line towards the tree.The


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