How are Ethics and politics related to Aristotle Philosophy

Aristotle was the founder of the new philosophy. He organized philosophy as he cut it into different sections. Aristotle decided to organize the knowledge and divided it into themes.

Two of the themes that Aristotle decided to talk about are Ethics and Politics which finally he related them to each other. Ethics is when we try to be good. Aristotle noticed that there is a little problem because'good' is a relative word as it has a lot of meanings. Its meaning will vary to what it is describing. Something will be good when it reaches its objectives which he called the final cause. We have to find the final cause of the human being. Normally people will question: "What are we here for?" For Aristotle everything has a purpose. He was used to say that God will never create something for nothing. He called the human beings specialized animals.'Rational animals'.

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Aristotle told us that human beings have their basic needs which are the physical needs and the social needs. These needs are not enough for the human being. We also need needs of the faculty of reason. We always want to learn new things to understand the world better. A human being will be a good one when he realize about the Intellectual Potential.A good human is one who is fully realized. Aristotle said that Spirit, character and soul will lead you to be a Good human which he called Eudemonia. He told us that we always have to find the Golden Mean, the middle way though practice. The most important point is that living a good life is finding the Golden Mean.

On the other hand when Aristotle talked about Politics, he talks about a good state. A Good state is one that will be how well a society is organized. The society will function smoothly with the help of different institutions. The state provides the structure of individual self realization by basic and Intellectual needs. We know that Plato and Aristotle do not agree between them. …


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