Hong Leung: Color and Composition

The artist chosen has been known since 1952 for his style.He mostly paints with oil on canvas but is open to other methods.His work tends to be very enchanting.He uses landscapes and sunsets mixed with subtle playing of colors that give his painting drama and a sense of peace.His technique is creative, semiabstract and very expressive.He merely suggests the emotions that are felt by the viewer.It is up to each of us to decide which emotion is trying to be transmitted.
In thisfirst painting he uses trees, which represent the linear shape.Lines are also used to make ripples in the water, to make it seem alive.Lines and shadows are used to give the painting depth.It is a two-dimensional painting in a horizontal format.The colors chosen make the paintings seem like a dream, a place that doesn't really exist.They are both non functional decorative designs.This painting makes me feel at ease.It gives me this feeling of peace.The water is calm and the way the trees are painted, not a single branch seems to be out of place, makes you feel that the wind is not blowing, maybe just a subtle breeze which gives it a calming effect.The color of the leaves on the trees place the painting in Fall, which also means that the weather is perfect; not to cold, not to hot. Even though he uses bright colors like orange and yellow, it still seems to give you a calming effect because of how they are used.It seems like a place where there are no worries.It seams like a great place to let go and get away from the everyday rush but not to far as to feel left out from the rest of the world.Depending on how you look at it, it is either the beginning of a beautiful day or the end of a peaceful and quite day.The elements used are trees, leaves, sky and water.Lithograph on paper.
The second painting is also horizontal format.The colors used again are orange and yellow a perfect combi


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