Homosexuality in Theater

When someone assumes something based on a stereotype, they are doing it because humans attack what it is they don't understand and lash out at things that they don't want to understand. The specific stereotype I am going to examine is the one that says all actors are gay. This is a totally untrue stereotype, based on my personal experience as an actor in high school and outside of high school.
Now to say that all actors AREN'T gay is also untrue because there are gay actors…just as there are gay football players, gay car salesman, and every other profession one can think of. In my personal experience I have found that generally speaking there are only heterosexual actors. I myself am straight and all of my friends who were actors were also straight. As my father always said, I only went into theatre for the women. Yes, that probably was one of the reasons; however I just generally love to entertain people.
Now theatre can be difficult to understand for those who aren't involved in it. And it is human nature, like I said, to attack that which we don't understand. An homosexuality is not understandable to many people, some who just don't get it and those who just do not want to understand it or accept it as part of our lives. I myself believe everyone is entitled to their own happiness and if being gay will make someone happy then so be it, who am I to stop them. However there are those who do want to stop them.
Politics can come into play here as well, which side you are on can determine whether you are an "actor basher" or not. Now this is also a very general comment but it has been my experience to see this as being true. Actors tend to drift more towards the left or liberal side of things where as people who tend to bash actors and accuse them of homosexuality often drift more to the right or conservative side of things. Why is this? Personally, I think that conservatives just don…


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