As I explored the Museum of Fine Arts, I came upon a portrait that I enjoyed.As I looked at this work of art longer and longer, I decided I wanted to do my Fine Arts paper on “Driftwood” by Winslow Homer.The painting is located in the Gund Gallery and adjacent to the Fenway stairs.Being secluded because of a beam, much attention is drawn to this magnificent painting.It is especially protected due to its location. In the entrance across the hall sits a security guard watching over the gallery it presides in.This life-like picture spans 24 1/2 x 28 1/2 in. Its frame was wisely chosen and is gold in color.The frame complements the colors used in the canvas.The design of wavy lines in the frame gives not only the frame character, but also the portrait.
The painting “Driftwood” takes place in Prout’s Neck, Maine.”This is where Homer lived for twenty-seven years before he died.Homer painted “Driftwood” in 1909, the year before he died. This was the last work Homer ever completed
(MFA, “Driftwood”).”To sum up the painting, a man is trying to save a huge tree trunk that was washed up on rocks next to the raging sea.He looks very wet and the water is dangerously close to him.The trunk is extremely large and I doubt he will ever move the figure with just the rope he has in his hand.I believe that Homer is trying to express determination and the willingness to succeed by showing one man trying to save a very large tree trunk.He adds the stormy weather to show that the man will stop at nothing to do what he believes is right.This is an all out fight between man and nature and unfortunately, nature usually wins.
Homer’s work for the most part is nonobjective in its subject matter.The rough water shows the power of Mother Nature in a beautiful setting.The green-gray sky portrays a terrible storm hitting the shores.The only piece of this work that may possibly become objective is the fact that the man loc…


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