Being homeless means having no where to turn to, no shelter of your own, completely living on the streets. Homelessness is a shock to many, because it depicts someone just like us in our own society lacking the necessities we take for granted. These people who we often stereotype as "bums", "crack heads", "losers" and "bagladies" face the darkness we all fear. But truly, who are we to judge people? They too are humans, but are just not as fortunate as others may be.In North America, homelessness is a result of lower income individuals being unable to afford housing and other necessities to sustain a decent life.
Homelessness is caused by several factors, some being divorce, drugs involvement, loss of job or just simply being unable to afford shelter.( Cohen, page 75).Divorce, which took it's toll on the United States during the 1970's , leading up to 1980's where over a half of marriages ended up in divorce.( Landau,page 24) With a lot of families being separated, and one income being stretched to provide for a family it creates financial hardships. Women were now forced to bear an unclear burden. The burden of feeling depressed, taking care of her children with no physical home, and the fear oftheir children are taken away from her.
Drugs' are a horrific contributing factor of homelessness on its own. It did not only leave that single mother "high" and hopeless but even that confused nine year old girl.(Landau, page 71).Homelessness affects everyone in a family especially the children because they are lacking a stable environment. Many are either on the streets with their families or are locked out of their homes. (Landau, page 74). It's not only that nine year old girl that is left alone, hungry, cold and terrified. Many teenage boys face this horrible dilemma. With no positive guidance, these young people are left to face the ugliness of the…


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