Homeless veiw

Right now my view of homeless people is those who don't have the mental capacity to take care of themselves and therefore they end up living off of other peoples change on the streets. I often view them without a family and no real initiative to be successful or seek comfort in their lives. It seems that many are alcoholics and drug abusers and are desperate to get those things no matter what the cost. They appear very sad and lost, like all they really need is someone to tell them they are important and can make a difference in the world. I think that they have a very carefree nature and don't take other people's opinions into consideration at all. They could care less what others think, and for that they are willing to lay and sleep in places we wouldn't imagine even walking on. A lot of them seem to be struggling through life and are taking all the wrong choices of changing their lives whether its because of mental issues or just laziness. As much as I want to believe they are there trying to get money to pay for a résumé, I often believe they're finding all the money they can to buy things that will only make their problems worse.
After reading this article I have definitely developed a new sympathy for those living on the streets. I had always thought of homeless people as drunks who don't want to work or achieve anything in life, but I have now realized that the upper class citizens don't allow these people to get much of a second chance. They feel uncomfortable and embarrassed of the homeless and only think negatively of them. If being called worthless and being looked down upon is what these people experience daily, I can understand why they don't want to get jobs or start over. They eventually believe they are worthless and unproductive because that is what they are told; they aren't given that encouragement or love that people need to experience in order to gain in…


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