The Project Home: A Completely Student Production
I think that Home was a well-done play.The play was not long, and it kept the audience on its seat at all times.I believe that the play was very well prepared for, and I could tell that effort had been placed in producing Home by all of the students who contributed to the play in some way.This is why this play was very effective.The play happened to be effective in two areas: playwriting and design.
This was myfirst experience with a student-produced play.However, I was pleasantly surprised by the playwriting for the play.There were six individual scenes presented by different students.Almost each scene tends to deal with problems at home except for the last scene.In The Adminadvert, I like the way Ryan Self portrays the tension between the husband and wife by having the husband ignore his wife.This is an underlying effort intended to show what time period it was and explain why Anna was looking out of her window with binoculars. InCome Home Iris, I like the way Rose and Lavender's pains were evoked through their chained feet.In Accident, I didn't understand what Tracy and Dawn were talking about until the middle of the scene.I think that Dawn Hael did a good job of portraying the different scenes that could have happened or what the people really wanted to say. In Echoes of Betrayal, I think that the ensemble did a good job ofusing two different versions of the same event to explain how the husband felt useless and how the husband tried to cover up his feelings for the other woman.In Tradition, I like the way Elizabeth and James were used to betray Ellie and Anthony for Nana.It makes it seem as if they were continuing the tradition as she previously did. Finally, in Fairy Tale, I like how the play kind of had a happy ending where as most of the other plays were dark and gloomy.The little girl was able to see her prince even after her


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