History That Characterize The

History That Characterize The Arts
The arts are defined through areas of visual art, literature and music.These are the fundamental areas in which many categorize art but are not limited within only these boundaries.There are even many cultures where art cannot be defined, because art within itself is abstract.This creates a realm in which the quality of the art is greater than just an ordinary significance.The meaning where art derives is through the expression that you perceive them to be oriented.This influence includes the many factors that play a role in shaping ones understanding and acceptance of art is from beliefs acculturation, and enculturation.All these factors contribute to molding individuality.The molding of perception conceptualizes that art is found within the natural sciences and history.The different courses and different fields of study are like diverse windows into what is held true through each perspective with emphasis and yet, each focusing on the same world.
Art is a form of perception of reality and so are the teachings of history.History is a perception of reality, which therefore makes history a form of art.History can be compared to a work of art.The key factor, which connects both history and art, is perspective and in art there is an extent of reality that the artist creates where there is selective information that the historian portrays to the reader in what he wants to relay.In history, there are different perspectives to wars, fights, and the "truth."With each individual that explains the "truth," there is his or her perspective and bias that follows.
There are always polar opposites, rarely a middle ground or gray area.Either this was a good piece of artwork or this was a bad piece of artwork.This side was the right one or this side was the wrong one.There is no finite word to describe a "not bad", but "not good" piece o…


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