History Of Visual Arts – Vincent Willem Van Gogh, Pablo Ruiz

History Of Visual Arts – Vincent Willem Van Gogh, Pablo Ruiz Picasso
One turns out to be a millionaire, the other a pauper. Why?
The most crucial reason that makes difference in their fate
Born in Groot Zundert, the Netherlands on 30thMarch 1853, Vincent Van Gogh's birth came a year later to the day after his mother gave birth to afirst, still born child – also named Vincent. Thus there was much speculation about Van gogh suffering later psychological trauma as a result of being a "replaced child". The theory however, remains unsubstantiated as there is not much information about Vincent when he was young.
The summer of 1876 was a religious transformation for Van gogh as Rev. Jones his pastor gave him responsibilities to speak at prayer meetings. Although he was enthusiastic about his prospects as a minister, his sermons were somewhat lackluster and lifeless. Which happens to be just like his father – passion to preach but lacked of gripping and passionate delivery.
One day he felt compelled to visit the home of Jules Breton, a French painter he greatly admired. With only 10 francs in his pocket he walked the entire 70 kilometers to see Breton. Upon arriving, Vincent was too timid to knock on the front door and so he returned home utterly discouraged. After which Van Gogh began to draw the miners and their families. During this period he chose his next and final career as an artist.
Pablo Ruiz Picasso is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His maverick attitude sometimes hindered him, but it was temperament that made him succeed at becoming one of the most valued and sought after, yet misunderstood artists. When Picasso's mother was giving birth to him, it was a difficult birth. The baby showed so little signs of life that the midwife concluded that he was a stillborn. He would have died, Picasso said, if his uncle had not been present. "Doctors used to smoke b…


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