History Of American Art

Art may be present in any form of human activity. Plato regarded art
as a form of play or pastime, which was inferior to such occupations as
agriculture or cookery. Schiller referred to art as a play impulse.
According to Ruskin, fine art is that which the hand, the head and the
heart of man may do together. Art is premeditated; emotion recollected in
tranquility. Today we have access to all the variety of the art of the
past. Museums have grown in number and size and the processes of
reproduction have been improved. Art is the imaginative and skillful
interpretation of experience in an aesthetic form, and it has played
throughout history important roles in men’s attempts to master and enjoy
their environment and to liberate themselves.
The history of american art is very diverse, since it had acquired the
essence of the European art. In recent years, American art has become
commodities gathered and marketed by nonidigenous Americans and Europeans.
From the very beginning, American art produced various objects that were
gathered from various cultures for different purposes. In many cases,
native Americans bestowed utilitarian objects with aesthetic qualities not
stringently affiliated to the object’s primary function. In many instances,
groups of people of people produced paintings that signified status
position or objects of religious importance.
American art included the corporeal culture of the Eastern Woodland
groups such as Cherokees or Iroquois.
These included decorated pottery and baskets, quillworkandbeadwork,
utensils, plaited sashes and carved wood ritual masks.EarlyWoodland
including the Adena and Hopewell,arerenownedfortheirelaborate
including copper plates and earspools, shell and pearlbeads,ceramic
figurines and objects made of other minerals for example mica,silver,
(North American Native Art, Prehis…


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