Throughout our history cities have often been described to be more advanced than other types of communities.The city lifestyle is also often depicted as a superior lifestyle.For these reasons there is usually a push for urbanization in rural and suburban areas.Rural and countryside areas are often categorized as underdeveloped when compared to the city.The Wizard of Oz is meant to dazzle children with witches and Lions, and to provide warmth with a story of the possible.The story suggests the idea that rural areas tend to suppress one's natural abilities, causing certain people to believe that they don't have certain characteristics, or traits.The Wizard of Oz shows us that its not that we lack these traits, but that we are suppressing them and that we do not know that we possesses them.
All of the characteristics that each of these three characters lack, are typical "deficiencies" of inhabitants of rural areas.In the story, Dorothy meets the characters on her way to the Emerald City.Following commonly associated ideas that the city has everything, the characters Dorothy encounters all decide to accompany her in a quest to fill the void in the lives they believe they have.It is on this quest that it becomes apparent that the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man do not lack these items, but in fact have them suppressed deep within them.
The Lion is introduced as a fierce animal that tries to attack Dorothy on her path.However, he is immediately uncovered to be a "coward".The Lion is the ironic choice of being a coward, as he is supposed to be a bully.Seeing as how no one has ever tried to challenge his authority, he believes he would run away in fear if anyone ever did, much like real bullies do.However as the story progresses we see that the Lion isn't the coward he believes he is, as he often shows immense courage in the face of great danger.
There are many times throughout …


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