Herakles Fighting Two Amazon Warriors

During the time in Ancient Greece, pottery was an important part of life and society.The making and painting of the pottery was a major art in classical Greece.These potters worked as professional craftsmen in family groups and were considered in high esteem in cities like Corinth and Athens.Most researchers say that the children in the family grew up learning the craft of pottery ((1) Online). Through the lifestyle that these Ancient Greeks portrayed, it was only plausible to see the young one of the family being involved at such an early age in turning the wheel of pottery.In Greek Painted Pottery, the author clearly illustrates the process that an individual potter undergoes in order to create an art form. First the potter would dig his clay locally, next he would wash it, meaning that he would mix it with water, then the clay would be kneaded, and after that process it would be ready to be set on the potters' wheel, and each distinct form had a name and a specific function in Greek society and ceremonial. (Cook 242).
Additionally, in the 6th century, Attic potters introduced black-figure ware.They painted black forms covered the red clay pots, with detail rendered by incising through the black.White and reddish-purple were added for skin and garments.Depictions of processions and chariots continued; animals and hybrid beasts were also shown, at times surrounded by geometric or vegetal motifs.Decorations on the vessels' were always well integrated with the vessel shapes, and the iconography of Greek mythology can be identified.The decoration stressed humans far more than animals.Favorite themes included people and gods at work, battle, and banquet; weddings and other ceremonies; and woman at play or dressing. In some cases, events or heroes were labeled ((4) Online).Mythological and literary scenes became more frequent.Potters' and painters' names and styles were identified, even when …


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