Henri Matisse Le femme au chapau

The atmosphere in the Museum of Modern Art was very tranquil, the lights aren't too bright, and the wall itself looked like a piece of artwork. I'd been walking around the museum for a while and I finally saw a piece of painting that was what I'd been expecting to find. It was located in a big room with many other paintings and artwork surrounding it.
Femme au Chapeau (lady with a hat)by Henri Matisse was painted in 1905. It is 31 3/4 in. x 23 1/2 in. (80.65 cm x 59.69 cm) and is oil on canvas. The style of this painting is realistic and is naturalistic. This painting is of a woman sitting down and she's holding a cane. She is wearing a very large fancy hat, she appears to be attractive and her facial expression looks melancholy and desolate. She looks like she's in her early twenties, she has red hair and big brown eyes, and her eyebrows are thick as they arch over her big brown eyes. She's wearing a very nice dress, something only upper middle class to upper class people wear during that time.The colours are very cool even though this painting is polychromatic. Although she is recognizable, the background is not. The background appears to be abstract expressionism. It is composed of blotches of colors, these blotches almost look like squares as if they were organized.
The colors in the back ground are shades of pink, blue, yellow, red, green, and purple. These are such pretty colours, it suggests happiness and beauty. She is holding a cane, or rather resting her hand on it. She must have trouble walking or maybe that is something rich people do, walk around with canes. Her hat is very glamorous and it looks like there are fruits and flowers on it. Her hat looks very dark against the bright, light colored background. It looks nice, it makes her hat stand out very much.
The tone of this painting befuddles me. I can't tell whether this is a happy painting or a sad painting. The colours…


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