Heidelberg School of Arts

In the years 1885-1901 art was at a very venerable state. With the stereotype of a male working job was shearing, not many people left an open eye for artists. The Heidelberg School of Arts changed the thinking of the average Australian and broaden their views on the male working class. With famous names coming out of the Heidelberg School like Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson the public was starting to notice what quality that was coming out of Heidelberg.
Summer Sea painted by Frederick McCubbin in 1895 is on canvas and painted with oil paints. Frederick McCubbin has painted a view of the coast with a woman in the foreground. The colours Frederick McCubbin has used are very earthy and the colour of the water is a very dull greenie blue. There are tussocks in the background on a sanddune, which leads down to the waterline. In the foreground we can see a lady sitting on the sand. She is in a light blue gown with reddish orange bonnet on.Frederick McCubbin has applied the oil paints thickly and with a lot of texture. This is to try and bring the painting out for the viewer.
Frederick McCubbin has painted this painting to capture the calm and coolness of the sea and its meanie surroundings. Fredrick McCubbin succeeds in this by what he has painted. Take the sea for example, Fredrick McCubbin could have painted crashing waves but instead painted a calm bay with little wind. Fredrick McCubbin could have also painted the tussocks like it was very windy but instead he has painted them still and calm. I think Fredrick McCubbin does this to relax the viewer and to put a good picture of the coastline in their minds.
The Purple Noon's Transparent Might was painted by Arthur Streeton in 1896 and is on canvas and has been painted with oils. The painting is of a river with gumtrees on the banks and hills in the background. I am assuming that this painting is of an Australian river because of the gumtrees along the banks and the…


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