harveythe play

Campbell University's Department of Theater Arts Presented "Harvey" on April 7th and
8th and from the 13th through the 15th.The play wasfirst presented in the early 40's.It
is also set in this time period.It is a very care-free, take your mind off of your worries
comedic work.The main character, Elwood P. Dowd, has a invisible friend, a pooka
named Harvey, who accompanies him during his daily activities.A pooka is a mythical
creature who appears here and there, where ever it pleases, and to whoever it pleases.In
this case, the pooka has taken the form of a rabbit who is six feet, one and a half inches
tall.Mr. Dowd lives in a large mansion with his sister, Veta Louise Simmons, and her
daughter Myrtle May Simmons.Mr. Dowd's family does not see Harvey atfirst, but they
Elwood interacting and talking to Harvey.They become extremely worried about him
seeing an imaginary rabbit and him spending all of his time with someone who doesn't
even exist.As difficult and humiliating as it is for her, Veta Louise is forced to take Mr.
Dowd to Chumley's Rest, an psychiatric facility on the outskirts of town where he can
receive treatments for his problems.This faculty was founded by renowned psychiatrist
William R. Chumley, MD.Dr. Chumley only sees few cases when time permits.Veta
Louise, as any good sister would, only wants the best for her brother and insist that Dr.
Chumley handle this case personally.His assistant, Miss Kelly, denies this request, but
reassures Veta Louise that her brother will receive top quality attention.She is referred to
Dr. Lyman Sanderson, MD, a doctor who also practices out at Chumley's Rest.Veta
Louise describes her situation and Elwood's case to Dr. Sanderson, but as she is doing so,


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