Hannibal: Book Vs. Movie

Thomas Harris had his own thoughts on how the next chapter was to be written on Hannibal Lector and he did in the book “Hannibal”.Ridly Scott had his idea of what happened and he showed it to us on the screen in the film “Hannibal”.They had some similarities and some major differences.Some may have been good and that is for the audience to decide.
The beginning of the film starts different then the book.The film starts off with Barney selling the Hannibal’s mask to Mason Verger.You realize right away that Mason Verger and Lector have something in common, in the book it does show you this connection this early on.Right after that sequence the film picks up exactly as the book stars out.A minor difference is that in the novel Starling has a roommate named Mapp and she helps emphasize how sad Starling really is about the shooting earlier on.By having the roommate she has a shoulder to cry on.The movie leaves the audience thinking that she is okay with what happened earlier.
Mason Verger had a sister in the novel, Margot that was sexual abused as a child by him.It turned her away from men and made her go to lesbianism.She wants to have a child with her lesbian lover way of artificial insemination and the donator would be her brother.He was not interested in being the donor.Margot does not like her brother and while Lector is tied up the dialog in the film does stay the say as the novel but Lector is saying it to Verger’s lawyer instead of his sister. “You can always say I did it”.This is meaning to push Verger into the cattle and let them eat him.
The novel goes in more depth with why Lector actually has people for dinner.It tells the story of when he was a young boy when he watch soldiers dragged away his parents and eat his sister.He later thinks about how life would be if he could undo what happened when he was a child and think that his sister would be in the same shoes as Starling.


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