As Modern as Today

Find me an involved Shakespearean student that does not find interest in Hamlet,

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and I will find you a member of Congress who does not like money.It is as simple as that.

Just thinking about the Bard's tale of sadness and revenge makes the hairs on the nape of

my neck stand up and tingle.Who out there in the modern world is not familiar with the

ever-so-famous line "to be, or not to be?"I should hope that every high school student is

somewhat knowledgeable as to where that originated from.If not, it indicates a failure on

their teacher's behalf.

Hamlet.One word that inspires a million emotions and feelings in anyone that

hears it uttered.What English student isn't familiar with this classic tale of a prince gone

mad?So many different aspects of today's society can be picked out of this story.

Revenge, betrayal, sorrow, insanity, lust, greed, and despair are only a select few.The

aspect of revenge is most evident in the story, seemingly so because two young men are

both on the race to avenge the death of their father.

I myself am in love with Shakespeare's works.From Henry V to Much Ado

About Nothing, I find his stories entertaining as well as fascinating.I realize that all of his

works aren't original, but the way he presents them is just breathtaking. His vernacular as

well as his diction encompasses the power to hold the reader spellbound.I believe that if a

woman approached me, speaking like Ophelia does, I would fall head over heels for her.

That is, if she were presentable enough.Come, now…I'm not shallow, but I have my


Although Hamlet is not my all-time favorite Shakespearean work, it ranks

extremely high on my list.The themes present in the story are easily understandable, as

well as related to.Who, in their life, has…


I'm Sandulf

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