Hamlet revised

As I listened to my uncles speech, I could not help but think that the family is in severe trouble.I watched my mother and uncle walk away, I could not help but let the anguish grow inside of me. This room began to feel empty, I could not help but to feel as if I am alone.How could she have done this?My father barely cold from death, she married my uncle. She did not mourn him as long as I thought she should.And he, my uncle, tells me that all fathers die, and my mourning for him as been too long and is unmanly.All I can do is tell myself that I have to go along with this facet for my mother, I am her son, and for that reason I must obey her wishes. I began to realize that I was pacing the room, and getting dizzy from my thoughts.
" I need fresh air," I said aloud.

The sunlight came beaming into my eyes like a train when I opened the doors of the hall.The air seemed crisp on my face, and although I could see that the world was going on around me, everything seemed still.So still and quiet, like an old black and white film. As I collapsed with self pity onto the concrete stoop, I could not stop the thought of death from entering my mind.I don't think that I could have been more excited to hear the voice of Horatio.
"Hamlet, is everything ok?" He asked.

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" Don't tell me you came home from college to see this fiasco, did you?"

"This and your father's funeral, " he replied.

Throughout our conversation, I found it very hard to concentrate on his words.The situation with my mother and uncle began to make me feel somewhat embarrassed.I suggested that we went for a walk. During our walk Horatio began to tell me a story of his events the previous night.He was claiming that after a few hours of being out, he went to the park with some friends.As the night had gone on, he was approached by my father's ghost.In totally dismay of his story, we…


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